october reading in review

Books Bought This Month
Jane-Emily [IndieBound] by Patricia Clapp
The Girls at the Kingfisher Club [IB] by Genevieve Valentine
Fates and Furies [IB] by Lauren Groff
Life and Death: Twilight Reimagined [IB] by Stephenie Meyer
Anatomy Coloring Workbook [IB]
Daughters Unto Devils [IB] by Amy Lukavics (Book Riot quarterly box surprise!)
The Devil and Winnie Flynn [IB] by Micol Ostow and David Ostow (Book Riot quarterly box surprise!)

Books Received/Acquired This Month
Here and There [IB] by Joshua V. Scher (Amazon First)
See You At Harry’s [IB] by Jo Knowles
Origin [IB] by Jessica Khoury
Love Blind [IB] by C. Desir and Jolene Perry (Edelweiss ARC)
Summer of Lost and Found [IB] by Rebecca Behrens (Edelweiss ARC) Continue reading

things i wish i had ten years ago: a gif essay

1. This is me as a little girl right after learning to read, when I felt like I had access to everything:


2. This is me in middle school trying to find books that I could find myself in, so that I could avoid the pain that was puberty and the oppression that was bullying and not fitting in, that would give me the intellectual stimulation that academia was decidedly not interested in providing gifted kids:


3. This is me as a high school senior when it came to reading, homework, school, or engaging with anything: Continue reading

that thing that happened with meg rosoff today

First, my friend Edi Campbell posted this, which made me ask where this was on Facebook, and she tagged me so that I could participate.

I’ll wait a moment while you read her post.

So then we were all talking about it on Facebook. I got involved because this is my area of activism and because I hate whitesplaining.

Then Kaye wrote this and Debbie wrote this and KT wrote this and lots of people wrote things, which you can find linked on Debbie’s blog (I’m linking directly to the three people who are personal friends or close colleagues, as well as fellow members of marginalized groups of various sorts, but that’s not to say I don’t value the other pieces I read, nor do I know everything about the authors of said pieces except that they are clearly intelligent and good people doing the right thing).

So then I wrote this.

And I hope we’re all still writing about things.