dirty hilton

When I’m supervising on Sunday nights, I tend to be a really classless person and do things like read countless pages of What Would Tyler Durden Do (www.wwtdd.com) and Perez Hilton. Tonight I’ve taken it a step further down the ladder of shame and I’m reading The Dirty. Pages and pages of it. It’s terrible. I hate the Dirty. This is how boring it sometimes is to supervise on the Sunday late shift. I actually really, really enjoy this job, but I also have lots of free time, and I’ll zone out otherwise, so this keeps me from being bored.

I have already found two girls I went to middle school with both being called bitches and hos and cheaters and all that stuff. Nothing really new, because anyone who gets posted there gets called that, but it’s funny because I could definitely see that coming with both of these girls all the way back in sixth grade. They were both friends of mine, one better than the other, but still. And they were mean to me because I wasn’t cool enough for them. So I feel strangely happy to see them on the Dirty. But really, no one ever deserves to be on that website. I hate it. I suck for reading it.


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