in the middle of broadway

I love to download random things that I even sort of like, vaguely. So awhile ago I downloaded the special edition soundtrack to “Pocahontas.” I definitely have a thing for movie soundtracks and showtunes, and besides, I only had the tape, so it’s nice to have music I can listen to on my iPod. I’ll just admit that I love a lot of Disney music. Alan Menken is great. Deal with it.

So there’s this one song on the soundtrack that was taken out of the movie. It’s called “In the Middle of the River.” It’s so Broadway, it’s fantastic. I love love love showtune duets. They have such a distinct sound, with particular harmonies and counterpoint. There’s a particular way that singers enter and exit phrases and when they sing together. A duet between Pocahontas and John Smith, it does sound a little different than the other songs in the movie. But mark my words, if Disney does a Broadway version, which is not all that unlikely, they will put the song back in. I’m just saying.


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