cliché girls

What happened to “Gossip Girl?” The show, I mean. I haven’t been watching on Monday nights because I have work, but I do like to catch up by watching it online later. I’m watching the fifth episode of the season now, and frankly, it’s getting annoying. I had some respect for the show when it started. It’s nothing like the book series, which is another thing I had respect for….when it started.

This episode is such a gigantic cliché it’s ridiculous. (Spoiler alert.) This whole Dan trying to write short stories is done very, very badly. First of all, if he’s that developed of a writer, he shouldn’t be asking so many silly questions. Secondly, if he’s ever tried being a writer before, which is the premise, he shouldn’t be forgetting the difference between fiction and non-fiction. Every single thing about this episode is a cliché. I know that’s the point of the show, but it was taken to a new level. Using someone for a story and having that misunderstood? Being mean or a bully because you have daddy issues? Daddy issues stemming from “killing” your mother when she gave birth to you? Done, done, overdone, burnt as toast. Bahhhh. I want a good show to watch!

I get that it’s overdramatic and that it was created by the guy who created “The OC.” That’s why I didn’t really watch “The OC.” That’s its style, part of its charm, whatever. It’s the world for the show. It’s no different than how “Pushing Daisies” is saturated with color and exists in a world that is anachronistically retro and modern at the same time. It’s cool. Everyone has their aesthetic, and if you have a consistent world in your show, I’ll resepect it, regardless of whether it appeals to me. Clearly I’m more a “Pushing Daisies” (it’s like Tim Burton, circa “Big Fish,” directing “Amelie”) girl than an “OC” and “Gossip Girl” fan. Melodrama is acceptable. Cliché, when not ironic, is not.


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