mr. a-z, oh sweet anna, and me

So I went to the Jason Mraz Trio concert on Monday. As far as I can understand it, it was a pretty last minute thing added to the tour, and it was more stripped than his big Phoenix show the night before. He opened with “Unfold,” which made me really happy, and he also started playing around with his guitar, saying he was going to do a surprise, and just as I was going to yell out “1000 Things” as a guess, that’s what it turned into. So, it was pretty fabulous.

I went with Anna, Maria, and Maria’s boyfriend. It took forever for Jason to come out, and there was no opening act, so we spent lots of time standing near the front of the stage, acting silly and drinking beer. The concert was great, though the set was really short, and the encore was “Butterfly” and another song that I’m almost positive I have on one of his EPs, but now I can’t find it.

After the show, we stood outside the Rialto forever waiting for him to come out. We actually passed the open backstage door, and we were so dumb that we walked past and then realized what it was, but when we went back, it was shut. Jason’s backup singer/drummer came out and spoke with a lot of us, and he was pretty cool. Jason finally came out for like five minutes, didn’t really talk to anyone, and was completely blazed.

I obviously do not have a real problem with marijuana, within reason. For example, I prefer it to cigarettes and harder drugs. Whatever you want to do to have fun or relax is fine, as long as you don’t always resort to it. But Jason Mraz is 31. At 31, even if you do have a successful career and you’re obviously not a fuckup, it’s a little unattractive to be that stoned. I managed to get him to sign my shirt, but he didn’t sign any of my friends’ stuff, and he wouldn’t pose for pictures.

I’m sure it must get really annoying after awhile to go from place to place and have silly teenage girls screaming and telling you they love you. I’m sure I didn’t quite help by offering to show my boobs to anyone who worked at the Rialto who would let me backstage. Ha. But it’s ungracious to be that disrespectful to your fans. Maybe he would have rather not come out, and he just felt he had to since there were lots of people there. But damnit, you signed up for this, and part of your job as a famous musician is not only to be a musician but to be famous as well, within reason. I have lost a lot of respect for Mr. A-Z, which is sad, because he is one of my favorite musicians. So clever, so funny, such a good voice, but with ungracious and with kind of crappy stage presence.

Anyway. It’s still always nice to go to a concert and remember that I, too, am a musician, and I should be working on stuff. And not just my theory homework.

Last night was Open Mic Night at Espresso Art, and dear Anna played, along with some of her friends, and some other people. Anna did fabulously, as did everyone. It was, I was told, the best Open Mic Night people had ever seen there. There was only one person who was even remotely uninteresting, and even he was very talented at his instrument, even if his voice wasn’t the best. So I thoroughly enjoyed myself, and so did the boyfriend, and we hung out with some work friends, some other friends, etc. Smoked some hookah, drank some chai, enjoyed some music.

I really need to get on writing. Maybe by next semester, I’ll have some songs and some confidence to perform at Open Mic myself.


One thought on “mr. a-z, oh sweet anna, and me

  1. I agree with you on Jason’s blaze-edness. I was kind of sad we didn’t get to have a deep conversation with him, hell you’d think that he’d be half as cool to hang out with as it is to listen to his music. I love him, but man, he does need to grow up a little.

    And thanks so much for coming to the Open Mic. You’re wonderful for all you said :). Things have taken a turn for what will be the better (though it doesn’t feel like it right now), and I’m trying to move on. Maybe I’ll write a song about it for tomorrow or my show next week.

    FYI – LAST Open Mic tomorrow night & my concert is next Thursday :)!

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