hello, muse; nice to have you back

Just before noon, I rode my bicycle back to campus for choir and French. As I got to a stoplight, I started hearing a little melody in my head, and some good harmony for it. I couldn’t tell if it was a song I just couldn’t remember the words for, or if it was something I was making up. I hate that. After I passed the light and I was on campus, lyrics came to me as well. I had all but one line for the hook I had come up with, so I put a sort of cliché placeholder in, but it may stay.

I’m pretty sure that this song doesn’t exist. I hope it doesn’t. I love this chorus, and at some point I will write the verses. It’s a little “The Chain”-like, but I’m thinking that’s mostly because it’s a waltz, and all waltzes sound somewhat the same. There’re just common progressions that tend to occur.

It feels good to be creative. I’m editing one of my short stories at the moment, and that also feels good. I’d rather not write my paper or read the surely crappy short stories I have to for my fiction workshop tomorrow, but as of now, I don’t have to work at Safe Ride for a week, so my nights are mine. Just two more days and it’s a long weekend, where I will be housesitting on the edge of town in a gorgeous, artistic house. I can’t wait for more inspiration to hit me. And I may go diving into old journals and old, old poems. It’s so good to be a writer again.

Also, a cute email I received from my uncle:


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