oh, oh, it’s magic

I have been complaining for weeks, since my Archive concert, that I lost my H&M sunglasses. The next morning after the concert, I looked in the case and they weren’t there. They weren’t in my backpack. They weren’t in my purse. They were gone. It was depressing. There were a few reasons for complaining. First, we all know how hard it is to find a good pair of sunglasses. They have to be the right size and shape for your face. They have to have a tint that doesn’t distort your vision. They have to be loose enough (if you have a big head like me) that they don’t give you a headache. Second, I couldn’t buy another pair, because I bought them last December in New York, and not only would they not still be selling nearly a year later, but we don’t have H&M in Arizona, anyway. Third, they were kind of awesome, because people often ask me if they’re Chanel, and it’s like, “Yeah, bitch; but yours cost $200 more than mine.” That’s always fun.

So I’ve just been mooning around for weeks, wearing an old pair of sunglasses that are so tight, I get massive headaches every time I wear them. Seriously. Finally I caved yesterday and bought a new pair at some kiosk of scarves, jewelry and sunglasses on the mall. I got a yellow scarf as well, and in total it was $10, so no matter what, not a total loss. The new glasses are brown, which I almost never do, and what I didn’t realize until I walked away is that they have nasty zebra stripes on the side. But that you don’t see when I wear my hair down, which is almost always, so whatever. Sunglasses are sunglasses, and squinting is annoying.

The old case for my old glasses has just been sitting on my desk forever. I knocked it down yesterday, and since I was cleaning my room just now, I figured I’d pick it up and put it back on my desk. Strangely, it felt heavy. So I opened it. And my old sunglasses were inside.

I swear that I checked when I couldn’t find my sunglasses. That’s how I realized they were lost–because they weren’t in the case. How did they get there? Magic is so cool.


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