bah, humbug

Everything about this winter break seems so stressful. I’ve forgotten how to take care of myself. I have to take care of everyone else, and there’s no one to complain to because anyone I could complain to has some condition that I should be sensitive to.

Falling back into angst is not what I like to do. I just feel like another entry here is overdue, and I don’t have the energy to be creative. And that is another way that I’m not doing well this break. I’ve forgotten how to start writing, even when I have ideas or I’m excited about something.

G-d I miss my novel. I almost have it back. If I can just figure out how to unlock these half corrupted files that the hard drive recovery man gave me from my shot computer hard drive. I’m so close. When going through them, I found two files that were in the same folder. Now I just need the actual novel. I had so many chapters. I just can’t start from the beginning.

On the bright side, Megan McCafferty and I are Facebook friends, and she messaged me because I said I was excited to meet her at the Tucson Festival of Books. Hurrah for writers! They are the best.


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