yo voy, voy, voy

How exhausting. Orbitz decided not to work correctly, so I got charged $5000 for one ticket, and while calling to deal with that, I ended up canceling all the tickets and the lady found me a flight to Montevideo for only $926. Pretty sweet.

So yes, I am going to Uruguay! Paris is no more. It wasn’t worth sitting around on a wait list, not knowing whether I’d definitely have something to do this summer, so I’m doing something that costs a hell of a lot cheaper. And it’ll be really, really good for me to be a tad bit out of my comfort zone, practicing my Spanish, and doing something a bit more off the beaten track. There will always be opportunities to go to Europe. But this will be great. I gave myself two weeks of travel time afterwards, for possibly a day or two in Antarctica (!), and then some South American bus riding up to Iguazu Falls (if you’ve seen the fourth Indiana Jones movie, those would be those endless and terrifying waterfalls from the movie). Everyone says stay in Argentina and Paraguay when you go there, because the Argentinian side of the falls is nicer, plus you need a visa to get into Brazil, so lucky for me, the visa I used when I went to Brazil four years ago is a five-year visa, so it’s still valid! Shweet. Sometimes parents are useful, because they’re the ones who remembered that, not me.

So hooray! South American traveling. Spanish speaking. Meeting Jewish people in Uruguay. Long weekend in Buenos Aires where I actually have a small branch of the Jewish side of my family living. Awesome? Yes.


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