the summer reading challenge update #1

That’s going to need a better title. One that doesn’t sound like…well, that.

So. Since my last entry, I have finished three books:

1. Trickster’s Choice by Tamora Pierce. I read this once years ago and totally forgot just about everything that happened, except I remembered I wanted it to be made into a movie, and I knew which part I wanted to play. It’s pretty excellent. It was nice to read something fantasy again, which I haven’t done for years probably, and equally nice to read some YA that’s actually good, as that’s a slippery “genre” to write in. Pierce really knows how to do fantasy well, which is why I happily went on and read the sequel,

2. Trickster’s Queen. It seemed to lose a bit of steam, or maybe that was me. More happened, but in a way less happened. Still, a pretty worthy group of books, and nice to have a change in the stuff I was reading.

3. History Lesson for Girls by Aurelie Sheehan. Last I heard, she was the current director of the creative writing program here, in which I have a minor. The book took place in the 70s, which was probably the single most interesting thing about it. That and horses. It made me want to ride horses a lot. All in all, it was very well written. It was one of those coming of age stories where an unlikely friendship with some normal but kind of fucked up girl had a deep, profound effect on the narrator’s life. Heard that one before?

Here’s to the next batch of books being a bit better.


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