things that suck

It sucks to be sick. It sucks to be sick in a foreign country when there are lots of things to be doing. It sucks to hear that every time I go away for a long period of time, someone dies in a car crash. It sucks not to be there to hold her goddaughter’s hand at the funeral. It sucks to have to hear about the funeral over an e-mail. It sucks to have a cell phone that only half works. It sucks to think that the baby may not completely recognize me when I get back because she won’t have seen me for six weeks. Sometimes vacation sucks. This is why I prefer to be a homebody.


4 thoughts on “things that suck

  1. so that’s another thing that sucks. But que paso with what exactly? I forget what I wrote on the postcard haha.

  2. Sorry for your ailment & other pains in your life. I miss you lots and have been blogging more lately, which hopefully you have been reading since you’re pretty much my only audience, jaja. Many positive wishes your way, I’ve been going on a semi-spiritual journey and though I’m not the most religious or spiritual person, God sure has a sense of humor in shoving certain people in your life. SF is up and down and I’m as emotional as much as the weather changes (which is quite often), but with new beginnings comes much change to become used to. Things always have room to get better, even when they seem their lowest… 🙂

    • I have been reading, just haven’t commented because I’m a bit of a bum. Don’t worry; when we’re famous we’ll both have lots of blog readers. Did you hear about Ingrid’s upcoming tour? I vote that you come home whenever her Tucson show is, and then I go to SF for that one. :-p

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