in which the secular jewish girl goes bible diving…

So I pulled my (Catholic) Bible off the shelf to look something up that the student rabbi told me about. Part of my internship is planning events–any sort at all–but putting a sort of Jewish bent on them. I’m having an event next week, so I was doing my research, and I found a goldmine of things that I’ve heard about but never read for myself. Leviticus is a goldmine of anti-feminist Jewish rules (though as far as I know, they’re not rules that have been followed by any Christian sects) and interesting rules about oblations and worship. Makes me want to bring up a lot of things at our next women’s group meeting (it’s strange how all of a sudden I think I’m a feminist, though not in the bad sense of the word, which is why I don’t like to say it). Makes me want to take more Judaic Studies courses. Makes me want to be more religious. But then, I’m really not a fan of being religious. So why the interest?

Then again, the best thing about Judaism is, I think, how intellectual it is and how little it has to do with religion often. At least for me, with my Judaism, with reform Judaism, it feels that way. After all, how many other religions have their own religious book that isn’t just “the word of G-d” the way the Bible is, but a book of moral arguments? I really don’t know, but I’m sure there’s nothing like the Talmud except the Talmud. Though I would appreciate learning about other religions that have similar practices. Judaism is about thinking and learning and asking questions. We’re commanded to question, which seems to be another unique practice. But I guess there is a lot of intellectual material in that “word of G-d” book, and it definitely deserves some analysis.

But I really should buy myself a Tanak book to go with my Catholic student Bible. Seems only fair.


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