21 going on…

Every time I watch “The Sound of Music” again, I insist that I’m just a sappy dork who loves it, and it’s not actually a good movie. But nope. Wrong. It’s totally fabulous.

I am calling shenanigans on some parts of it, though. I always used to fast forward through “Something Good,” when Maria and the Captain finally get together, because love scenes were gross and made me feel uncomfortable (a scene in “Beethoven’s 2nd” also always had to be fast forwarded). My roommate and I are watching now, and it is reassuring–but also terrifying–to see that even old people still get awkward when talking to whomever it is they like. The Captain says, “You know when I first started loving you? The moment you sat on that ridiculous pine cone.” And Maria says, “I knew the second you blew that silly whistle.” Bull! There’s no way.

But in just about every other way, “The Sound of Music” most definitely deserved its five Oscars. As it happens with most films I’ve seen a million times since childhood, I notice something new each time I see it. I pick up on things that Elsa picks up on all along, and things that she kind of mentions when she and the Captain break off their engagement. I guess it’s easier to notice that sort of thing in a movie when you reach the point of your life that you can hear it in real life. You see every time the Captain does glance at Maria instead of Elsa. It makes you realize how hard acting really is. And how sad and complicated sex and love are.


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