Today I am required to be a writer to finish my Prague application, due tomorrow. I hate turning things in at last minute, especially when I haven’t worked on them, but that’s what I will have to do today because in order to go to Prague and be a writer again, I have to write today. My journal is full of tens of pages bemoaning the fact that it’s all I write in. Is it writer’s block or egocentrism?

It’s funny; lately I wish that I blogged more like the way I used to write fiction, the way other people blog. Honestly, I think for a lot of people it’s just a more pretentious, pseudo-creative way to blog, but I also like the way it reads. But when I’m talking about myself, or when I’m trying to be intelligent and journalistic, criticizing some publishing issue or something, I have to be more coherent than that. But shouldn’t I know my characters coherently as well? Why do my characters see the world more artistically than I do?


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