It does help to have two drinks to soothe you (and to put you way over your diet-allotted calories for the day, oops) and a co-music major friend to make you feel a little bit better. If it weren’t for music friends, I don’t know what I would do. I think my other problem is that I don’t like viewing music as an individual thing. Music is for community. I don’t like working at it on my own. But I have all these people who are telling me I should. If I would just listen.

It’s spring break, so hopefully I will recharge, and then this blog will stop reading like a) a self-help book, b) a diet diary, c) an angsty livejournal, or d) boring piece of crap. I feel like it’s almost time to do an inventory of which of my “resolutions” I’ve been good at this year.