lust over this stuff like i do!

I LOVE NICK HORNBY. I love that he loves music. He loves the music the way I love it. And he writes about it the way I want to write about it. And this is from only reading 79 pages of Juliet, Naked so far. It was the same way with Songbook and High Fidelity. He just gets it.

Then there’s bookslut (linked to the right), which is a website where you can read book reviews and columns, just like lots of blogs and websites and magazines. Except bookslut has a specific audience, which seems to be people like me. If you are a person like me, you will like this website. It doesn’t review the books that you’ve seen reviews for everywhere. And the reviews are in depth and they’re not summaries, they’re essays. Good stuff.

Then you should read this article, because what it says is important.

Finally, today in English we did Elizabeth Barrett Browning, and it reminded me of the American Girl books, namely the first Samantha book, where Samantha wins an oration contest when she goes way liberal for 1904 and talks about how progress isn’t worth it if you rely on child labor and suffering. It just came to me, reading EBB’s “The Cry of the Children,” how probably out of place that was for the Samantha book, though obviously it wasn’t written anytime near 1904. It would be interesting to see how far back socialism goes.

I will stop rambling now.


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