fewer calories for the soul

After about a month, I’ve unpaused my online food and exercise diary. Today, I resume my diet. While I’ve tried a couple times to stop the no-sex part, I’ve only succeeded once, and that’s probably a good thing. School is over except for a couple finals, and I’m starting to feel better about myself after weeks of being sick, being in a perpetual bad mood, and feeling worthless. I’m going to stop doing the things that make me feel worthless and only do the things that make me feel good. Easy as pie. Diet of the soul as well as diet of the body.

I’ve begun my journal again, and after a long time of just writing, I think I’m getting back into art journaling, which feels good. I own a camera now, and I think I should start remembering to use it and take photos. I never remember to take photos, even when I’m on vacation, partially because I hate the way I look in photographs and partially because my mind doesn’t work visually. (I don’t know how to take photos that I would like to look at later. Most vacation photos are uninteresting, and you never look at them again. How do you learn to remember to take good ones?) This is a shame, because it will make my writing flat and boring. I have to send a writing sample to Prague soon to get ready for the workshop, so now is the time to be better at it. I feel so much more at ease knowing that this semester and my juries are over. Maybe I can learn how to be creative again.


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