use what you’ve got

It could be the fact that the weight of the semester has been lifted off my shoulders, or it could be the dieting/exercise/near-vegetarianism, but either way, I am sleeping so much better. Even being on the depressed side of the spectrum isn’t feeling as bad. I have now lost seven pounds, and I have an exercise calendar up until I leave for Prague in July.

I also have a new diet to add: a financial diet. It starts on Monday, and it’s called Use What You’ve Got. I’m lucky enough to have a scholarship that pays my school, my rent, and a little more, and it allows me to use my paychecks to buy clothes and books and music whenever I feel like it, and I eat out way more than I should. But that’s a silly way to live, and I’m going to have to learn how to budget, because once I graduate in December, I’ll be living on grad school loans, and I don’t think those lend themselves well to online shopping.

I also have piles of crap that I don’t need. I’m going through my books and clothes and selling and donating them. I’m not going to go around spending money on things to make me less bored when I have books and my computer and cross stitch and movies and things that I already paid for a long time ago. I also have lots of homework to prepare for Rutgers and for Prague, and I have writing to do for those programs and for myself. I want to start submitting to journals and have ongoing projects, and I want to record some of my songs and put them online to see what people think. I bought The Joy of Cooking and The Vegetarian Bible, and I want to try new, healthy recipes. I have plenty to do that doesn’t require extra money.


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