I love being a workaholic, but all of a sudden I’m remembering how nice it is to slow down, not to smell the roses, since my nose is perpetually stuffed, but to be nocturnal and calm and relaxed. The last time I had a summer with not much going on was in 2007, when I graduated from high school. That’s not that long ago, but in the grand scheme of how much stress I’ve been under and how many things have happened, it was another era. Though I have plenty to be doing this summer, I don’t have pressing daily engagements or five jobs or anything silly like that, even though I’m prone to doing things like that. I am re-appreciating the beauty of staying up til 3, sleeping til lunch, and bouncing between reading, writing, and movies until it’s time to go to the rec, shower, and head into work at 7:45. It’s an absolutely wonderful routine. Tonight at work I was clear for an hour and six minutes, and I had an excellent conversation with a friend, read a ton, listened to music, and felt relaxed. I’ve scarcely had headaches or neck pains since finals, which was only three weeks ago, but that’s actually an exceptionally long time for me not to have stress-related muscle or head problems, so I’ll take it. Now that I’m home I’m here, and then I’m going to do the dishes, and then perhaps I’ll watch a movie or do more reading or write a postcard to someone, just because it’s summer and I can. I have read 26 non-school books since January 1, and I finished three of them in the fewer than three weeks I’ve been out of school. So little time, and already the last semester is just a flimsy memory. Thank G-d for that.

Not all is peachy, though the sugar-free organic peach cobbler I got at the farmers’ market certainly is. I’m trying not to think about the shit stuff. It’s probably not as shit as I make it out to be anyway.

My new favorite thing is afternoon coffee at around 5. So much better than morning coffee.

A week til New Jersey. It’s been so long since I’ve been on the East Coast in the summertime, and I’m already remembering how much I love it. I miss my grandparents’ house at Lake Waubeeka.


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