I’m writing again! 3000ish words tonight. Many of them came from the original short story draft that is becoming the novel, but still. Lots of editing and tweaking and adding and subtracting came into play as well. It feels so good. And now it’s time to outline. I feel much more confident about this novel now, and I think I should have a good four or five chapters to submit to my Prague workshop group on the 10th. I wish I didn’t have to submit so far in advance of the actual program, but so be it.

I also find myself not being able to fall asleep at night because I keep having to turn on the light and jot something else down in my notebook. That, too, is a wonderful feeling.

And, strangely, though I’m sure nobody cares, lately I feel like blog is life, especially if you are a writer, and most especially if you are a mediaphile. I feel like I spent my entire morning reading blogs, responding to blogs, getting linked to other blogs, getting linked to articles on websites I’ve never heard of, etc. Racialicious and the Book Bench are life. How I love you, Internet.


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