megavideo is ruining my life

So awhile ago I said I was officially starting my grad school applications and getting to work. I was lying. Now that REDI is over, I actually know what I’m doing. And it’s terrifying. There are so many more decisions to make than I thought, so many more essays to write, so many more times to edit them. And the idea of the GRE still kills me. Thankfully, I don’t think I’ll be taking the subject test. Still, there’s so much to do, and instead of doing it, I’m reading magazines, going to the pool, and watching old episodes of “Grey’s Anatomy.” My procrastination is reaching a new high, I think, when I have ideas for short stories but won’t write them down because it would distract me from a primetime soap opera I’ve already seen.

I changed the title of this blog slightly. And I’m putting a new playlist up. It’s been too long.


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