in which i remember why i am here

The other day I went to a cafe alone for lunch and got to overhear a couple arguing in French. And I understood bits of it. Later, it turned out that the woman also spoke Czech and the man also spoke English. Today, in a gift shop, I got to hear a girl and her mother speak Portuguese and English (Portuglish?) and understand a lot more.

Last night I got to sit on my windowsill (!) and listen to the rain. I think that’s something I’ve wanted to be able to do since I could read, because books always take place in settings where there are attics and basements and secret passageways and window seats. And the weather is always such that opening a window would not make your house unbearably hot. Rain in Prague is different from rain in Tucson, which is heavier, harder, and more driven. Tucson rain has a goal. Prague rain just rains. And there was no lightning, at least not that I could see. It’s lovely. But I hope it’s monsooning when I get home.


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