it’s that time of year again

Creed ’10-‘11

I believe in karma, but sometimes I go out of my way
to stomp on ants. I believe it’s generally unhealthy
to miss those who don’t miss you.
I believe that there comes a point every year
when this poem writes itself,
and that is when I have to sit down and do it. I believe
there is constancy and profluence in my evolution.
I believe that I am self-aware only as much as I am
self-absorbed, and that keeps me from knowing
when I am embarrassing myself. I believe I’ll always be that way.
I believe I am happiest among people who don’t belong.
I believe that the most complex relationships are between friends,
but maybe that’s because I am never in a Facebook relationship. Unfortunately,
I believe in Facebook. I believe I take things too far sometimes,
but there’s no point in regretting anything,
so I just move on from there. I believe travel is hedonism,
and if you can acknowledge that, you can be guilt-free abroad.
I believe that I am tense inside my body but that
there is a bashert for me out there, somewhere, to shake me free of it.
I believe words are kinetic, that I feel keyboards and phone pads
in my fingers. I believe one language alone is never enough
to express yourself. I believe I am a writer first
and a musician second, and it took a lot of books and theory classes
to figure that out. I believe I am that cliché caged bird
whose body is not free. I believe mostly
in myself.

Last year’s. This year makes the seventh one I’ve written.


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