accentuate the positive

So all those times I’ve said here, or in my journal, or my myself, “Today I start my applications?” Yeah, didn’t happen. Soon they will. I’ve lost a little faith in my ability to be a hard worker when it’s all about self motivation, but at the same time, I’ve also become a much better student this semester. I’ve never in my life (or at least since elementary school) been so dedicated to my homework as to actually do it, consistently, whenever it’s assigned. It’s a pretty amazing feeling, being competent at school.

New Jewish year (5771), new school year, new age year (22), and what feels like a new life. My birthday was once again an exercise in learning whom here I matter to, and it was very few people. But it doesn’t even feel sad. I’m very happy with what I have, and I haven’t had many bouts of sadness since May. I’m amazed with myself. Positivity is awesome.


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