I didn’t want to wake up early, but it was either leave the house at 7 and get a ride to campus, or wake up at a normal time and take the bus. There’s nothing wrong with the bus, but I hate relying on other people to get transported. That’s still what I did when I had my dad drive me, but somehow it feels a little different.

Still, it’s somewhat refreshing to be up this early. I don’t feel sleepy, for one, because I went to bed at 10:30 and woke up at 6:00. I’m drinking a big mug of Kona coffee and listening to Norah Jones play over the sound system at Caffe Lucé, a coffee shop I really don’t spend enough time at, because I don’t spend enough time at any coffee shops or anywhere except my house. Also, it’s not even 8:00am and I’m already ready for school, blogging and playing Free Rice (my way of studying vocab for the GRE). With the rest of the time I have before class, and the rest of the time I have between classes today, I will continue to study, finish reading Dr. Faustus and The English Faust Book for my British lit class, and work on my applications. There are much worse ways to spend the day. I was going to watch last night’s episode of “House,” but the music is nice, and this way, I’m actually being somewhat productive. Even if blogging doesn’t exactly count as directly productive to school, GRE, or applications.

I’m realizing that, even though I don’t consider myself to have the best vocabulary, I actually have an incredibly decent grasp of language. I start Free Rice at level 40, and it’s generally full of words I have never seen before. But I get 95% of them correct, just because I know enough about basic Greek prefixes and suffixes, and then I’ve taken Latin, Spanish, French, and Portuguese. Learning other languages is awesome when you want to be better at English. Vernacular English may be simple and not at all romance-like, but intelligent words are much more based in Latin. And then, just to further my knowledge, I change Free Rice to Italian or German, since I’ve never taken either language, and that teaches me further in terms of roots and bases for words. Love words. They are great. Now I just need to remember them so that I can use them. But at least when I read them, I know what they say.


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