happy haul-idays

I’m so excited to be out of school next semester and learn things in a non-traditional way, on my own terms. It will teach me to be self-motivated, and it will force me to keep to a schedule and keep being consistently challenged and/or creative in new ways. I’m going to take a fundamentals of drawing class to train my eye, because I think it will help my writing become more visual. I’m going to make a t-shirt quilt because I like to sew, and because I have so many t-shirts that I don’t need, and because wherever I move, I will never not need a quilt, because everywhere is colder than Tucson. I’m going to learn Hebrew and practice my Portuguese. I’m going to write. I’m going to read everything. I’m going to pull out my cross-stiching again. I’m going to take piano lessons again. And I’m going to do volunteer work. The next eight months are going to feel so good.

I also want to do a puzzle this winter.

Chronicle Books does awesome stationery, journals, and coffee table books. Love them. They have a sweet contest that I want to win, because I’ll get $500 worth of their fabulous stuff. Here’s what I want:

1. The Hebrew Alphabet: because now that I’ll be out of school, I’ll finally have time to teach myself Hebrew!

2. Real Vegetarian Thai: because I can’t get into cooking classes at the community college, so I’ll have to be an auto-didact.

3. Mastering the Art of Chinese Cooking: see above.

4. Moleskine: because I’m a writer and I like to be pretentious.

5. Travel Journal: because I have so many miles and think that probably I will just up and go on a week-long trip to Rio or Dublin.

6. Stitchable Stationery: because I love to cross stitch, and I will finally have time to do it again!

7. Elephant Journal: because I don’t really like animals all that much, but I have a weird thing for elephants and turtles.

8. Old School Letter Set: because I am OBSESSED with stationery and have penpals.

9. Volume: because I love media. Obviously.

10. Whip Up Mini Quilts: because quilting is easier than being a seamstress. Maybe.

11. Urgent Second Class: because I’ve been neglecting my journal this semester, and that has to stop.

12. Photo Wisdom: because photography is not something I have a particular knack for, so I love seeing what people who are good at it have to say.

13. You Are Here: because it just looks interesting.

14. File System: because I could stand to be a little more organized.

15. Bon Appetit Binder: because I am so into cooking lately! Love it. Vegetarianism really makes you appreciate your kitchen and skills.

16. One Sketch A Day: because it will be useful when I take the drawing class.

17. Show and Tell: because I love children’s literature above all other kinds of books.

18. Bixology: because I have a secret aspiration to have no aspiration except to bartend.

19. Wine Bites: because what’s better than food and wine together?

20. Once Upon A Time: because I’ve been wanting to read this for a long time.

21. Same Place, More Space: because anywhere I move, I’m going to be poor and live in a box.

So many things to learn, so little time.

*by the way, a commenter on the winning blog wins the books as well. :-p


22 thoughts on “happy haul-idays

  1. Terrific list of books! I’d love to learn the Hebrew alphabet…put my Jewish husband on the spot when his Catholic wife knows more Hebrew then he does! lol There are so many great ones to choose from!
    Chronicle Books is hosting a wonderful contest!

    My list post is up on my blog, too!
    Good luck!

    ~ Amy

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