new year stuff

Another holiday I don’t really do is New Year’s Eve, aside from giddily counting how many books I read in the last calendar year. This time last year, I charged myself to read 40 books, and I wasn’t sure whether I would count books for school or not. I definitely didn’t need to count school stuff, or stuff I read for REDI, which was kind of like school, or for my study abroad, which was just a different institution, but still school. So the final number of pleasure books was 89, six of which were re-reads. I’d say that’s pretty kickass, because I read a ton of books for school, too. So, since I won’t even be in school until the fall at the earliest, I’m going to go for 150 books in 2011. I read all the time at work and on the bus and all, so I should be able to manage it.

When I think of how much I wasted time watching crappy TV shows and being on Facebook, I think I probably could have read 110 books last year. At least. I watched a lot of television on the Internet. It’s rather sad. But at least now I don’t have to feel bad about it, because with all that “Say Yes to the Dress” and “Grey’s Anatomy,” there were also eight books of poetry (not counting all the poetry for class), 11 books of non-fiction, and a lot of fiction for kids, teens, and adults. I guess my idea of being lazy is at least not as lazy as I thought.

Now back to reading The Sun and organizing my iPod.


2 thoughts on “new year stuff

  1. i don’t really do new year’s eve. heh. i’m guess i’m just not into it. i always look forward to chinese new year, though. i didn’t even count how many books i read, to be honest i never really keep count! or look back on my year.

    i’m really sorry about what you are going through in arizona. it’s crazy times and i feel really sad about the political violence that occurred on saturday. i do hope things get better, right now some of the policies arizona has been doing are just plain scary.

    • i only keep count now because i have a goodreads account and that makes it easy to count whenever i want.

      and thanks. i hate how we’re front page news for three awful issues that are all more related than the mainstream media is willing to acknowledge.

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