giving myself homework

2011 Reading Challenge

hannah has

read 13 books toward her goal of 150 books.


I think I’ve been reading too much. Is that unhealthy? I know if it were the days of The Power of Sympathy, that question would go without saying. I am a young, single woman who should not be exposing her mind to radical ideas. But as books were scandalous in the 18th century, television is now, so really the fact that I’ve been reading a lot should be a step in the right direction.

Maybe it is, because lately I find something to bother me in every single television show I watch. I notice blatant product placement and mistreatment of the mentally ill used for comedic effect in “Bones.” I notice that Lea Michele is looking distinctly skinnier (and less pretty as a result of her thin, pallid looking face) in “Glee.” I can call every plot twist of “Private Practice.” “Gossip Girl” is so over the top that it’s not even fun anymore, just insipid and annoying. I take so little pleasure in all my shows, and yet I’m still watching them.

So is this why people claim that they don’t read? Because they actually don’t? Because reading makes you smart and makes you aware of things and makes you care about things, and then it makes you read into everything until you can’t just have mindless fun anymore, because everything is a document that needs to be annotated? Maybe this is the cause of not being in school anymore. I’m giving myself homework. And I know the point of graduating early was to give myself a chance to learn things on my own terms, but I meant learning when i sat down to learn, not overanalyzing a television show that I normally watch just to look at the pretty outfits. Damn all this sociology and literature. Damn my overactive mind. :-p


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