surprisingly good for you

I was so excited that I was writing that I forgot to write about Cornel West, whom I got to hear speak last Friday. He was awesome for a variety of reasons, but one of the things I loved the most was how he could mix lay-speak, elevated academic language, intellectual jokes, and Southern Baptist preaching style into a really amazing and relevant speech. The fact that he mixed those things not only showed how cool and talented he was, but it also went with his philosophy of academia, which is that staying locked in the Ivory Tower is silly, because education and knowledge should only be attained so that then you can share it or use it to help others, especially those who don’t otherwise have access to that kind of education and/or knowledge. Thank you, thank you. People like him give me faith in my future and my identity, and otherwise I would be losing more and more of it each day.

And omg omg omg writing is still so awesome it’s positively amazing. Because yeah, I have a degree in creative writing, so you would think I would enjoy it. I so am right now. Drafting rocks. I have so much to say. I only wish I had more time and didn’t have to sleep and go to work. Also, I know I’m always doing a lot of reading, but now I actually have reading on deadline, because I have reviews due and interlibrary loans that can’t be renewed, and novels from the library with other people waiting for them, and books I need to read before I can ask my friends the authors to sign them, and it’s all very overwhelming. But it’s also awesome, because I miss school, so I need this. Exhilaration, deadlines, inspiration, and quotas (5000 words a week is my new rule). It’s what the creative/academic life is all about.


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