in my underwear

I can totally see why guys in nerd bands like to perform in their underwear, or at least without shirts. I like to sit around in my underwear as well. It’s comfortable, and it means you don’t have to spend time doing your hair. But I think it’s interesting that only guys are allowed to be half naked ironically, in an obviously unsexy way. If I’m half naked, I will be seen as trying to be sexy, and, I suppose depending on who it is looking at me and how much I’ve been working out, it will be deemed as successful or not. But boys in bands get to strip down and pretend like they don’t care, and I imagine the purpose is to make the audience somewhat uncomfortable, but also to make the audience appreciate the irony.

Last night I went to Dry River to see a high school friend’s band play. The show was fine, but it also made me realize that probably all shows at Dry River are the same, in that every show I have been to there has consisted of incredibly skinny boys playing instruments and stripping down to their underwear. The music might be good, but the tighty whiteys can be so distracting.

I would like to do a pseudo subversive experiment and start a girl geekcore band and perform in our underwear. Because I am willing to bet that no matter what the girls in the band looked like, unless they were incredibly disgusting, people would call girls playing music in their underwear either a) really hot, b) an obvious way of distracting from bad music by “using their sexuality,” c) girls who didn’t get any trying to get some now, or d) weird/trying too hard/uncool, depending again on what kind of audience it was.

Still, ironic use of subersiveness could be fun.


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