how i know i’m headed in the right direction

One of my favorite jobs is the one where I get to co-facilitate prevention workshops for youth. At the same time, their parents go to a parent workshop on prevention, and their younger siblings go to a play group. I was hired as a youth facilitator, but I volunteered to do babysitting when needed, because I could use the money. Tonight, instead of doing the babysitting job that I got saddled with because I’m quitting (not that I don’t like children, but I prefer youth), I got to bust out my inner Viola Swamp tonight at work and go back to teaching, so that I could help my colleagues out. Apparently I have a talent for being authoritative and yet still be an effective teacher/mentor/worker. It’s now been more than a year since I quit my campus job where I did that, so it’s nice to know it wasn’t a fluke.

In addition to being a scary person who gets the job done, I also got to read my press release today, though it was published on Tuesday, and in reading it and doing all the interviews and things for YALSA, the fact that I am already devising research proposals and library programming and I’m already bookmarking journals that I want to subscribe to and finding essays I want to read makes me sure that I have chosen the right career. Even if I still want to audition for “The Voice” and star in a movie or two and travel and go to law school and write a novel.

I love it when these three things align: 1. I am good at something. 2. I like doing that something. 3. Other people see that I am good at that thing and encourage or help me with it. This does not happen very often. Usually you have to pick two out of three. Being lucky enough to have all three of these things make it easier to stomach the fact that I am leaving my hometown, my family, and my friends behind in eight days. Off I go. Soon.


4 thoughts on “how i know i’m headed in the right direction

  1. Congrats! I came across great article u wrote on swirl and I had to follow up. Boston is def different from Tucson but has a ton to offer -disclaimer I’m Boston area born & raised 😉 i’ve heard phenomenal things about Simmons Grad programs. U will rock this!

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