I own a Kindle now. It absolutely killed me to press that Purchase button on Amazon, but I had to do it. I have textbooks, I have novels, and I have tons and tons of pdfs to read for school, and I just couldn’t handle doing it all on my computer anymore. My eyes were killing me, and until this afternoon when I deleted a lot of old music, I literally had my computer telling me constantly that I had no disk space and needed to delete items. So I just cannot afford to keep all my school readings, but obviously I need them.

There’s also the problem of reading on the bus/train. Yes, I can read novels on the train. And if I’m sitting, I can maybe even read a textbook, though that starts to hurt my hands. But I can’t read my computer on the train, I don’t have a printer, and I don’t like the idea of printing 200 pages a week. That’s just ridiculous. So I decided I would buy a Kindle for school, and probably I will get rid of it when I graduate.

Except then I remembered the whole free ebooks from before 1923 thing. And I actually found quite a few books that were already on my to-read list that I just hadn’t purchased yet, or that are really hard to find, period (Utopia and Portrait of a Lady would be the former, and The Little White Bird the latter). So now I have a decent Kindle library, and I’ve only owned it for 24 hours. Now I just have to get a case for it, cause wow, it does not weigh enough to remind me that it cost $140. But then I’ll be good to go! And I might have also downloaded a word game. Just for, like, airplanes.

Conveniently the Kindle has both 3G (I finally know what that means!) and WiFi, so I can sort of rectify my problem that I’ve developed since moving to Boston. I have never, ever cared about having a smart phone, and I still don’t particularly want one. But living in a new city with a preposterously unreliable and unpredictable public transportation system, and simply being a newb and not knowing the streets, the whole having Internet thing will come in handy if I find myself lost with nothing but my CharlieCard and my Kindle.

Still, it hurts me. I can’t believe I own a Kindle. (I also can’t believe how magical the screen is–I feel like I’m poring over Ella’s magic book in Ella Enchanted.) I feel like this is a betrayal as a future librarian and as a future novelist. I still own hundreds of books, and they’re not going anywhere. I’m still acquiring more books. But I think this will be a helpful educational tool. Just hopefully not much more than that.


2 thoughts on “kindling

    • ooh! i really wanted that, because then i could use it for note taking, too, but that’s a fun toy that’s going to have to wait until i have a job….and no longer need to take notes. hmmm.

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