miracle of miracles!

This is very exciting. At this very moment, I am sitting at my desk, writing.

That may not seem all that interesting, but let me paint a picture for you.

Generally, my desk is where my textbooks sit when I am not using them at my dining room table to read or write papers. It is also where magazines and journals that I have not yet had time to read live. So imagine a desk that has been cleared off, save for a faux vintage clock radio/iPod dock and various other regular desk implements. Also, the light in the hallway is on, but the bedroom light, in the room where I am writing, is off. I’ve always been kind of a vampire when it comes to light. My eyes are sensitive to my computer light, and overhead lights just add to that mess. So, hallway light plus liliko’i scented candle on the bookshelf and tealight in a recycled materials lantern on the desk is what I’ve got. Love it.

Diane Birch singing to me about fire escapes and Valentino. The delicious smell of wick burning and wax melting. Late night mood conducive to writing.

Another thing that makes me awesome right now is that fact that I don’t own a desk chair. I have two chairs at my “dining room” table, and they stay there, one to hold me when I sit there all day, and another to hold coats and gloves and backpacks and general crap that has no real place because my apartment is too small. So I am sitting on my balance ball, working dem abs and being incapable of having bad posture! Beat that.

Finally, this is the third night in a row I have settled down in this sort of routine. I’m writing again! Novel the second (concurrent with novel the first) is in progress once again! I guess I’m over that time when my computer crashed and I lost the 20,000 or so words I had written of it. Starting over, and it doesn’t suck so much.

Happy, happy girl is me.

Also, since someone keeps renewing the domain but not making the .com website with my name, I decided to concede defeat but not give up, and I have purchased a domain for myself to solidify my blogging presence and encourage myself to keep writing so that this domain someday becomes my author site. So behold, readers, this new URL that you can use to get to this very same place: mclicious.org.

Yeah, baby, yeah!


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