ummm, except i did sort of sign up for a quantitative challenge

I am so bad at doing what I say I’m going to do, especially if what I say I’m going to do is be less busy or committed to things. I signed up for the Fifty Fifty challenge, which is to read 50 books and watch 50 films in 2012. I liked it as soon as I saw it, because I’ve been relying heavily on episodic television, and while a lot of it is good, also a lot of it is bad, so it’s about time I taught myself to watch narratives that take longer than 43 minutes to unfold, and to watch things in full screen without zipping around to a bunch of other open tabs. Television is something I multitask at, but I’d like to watch films again to remind myself to focus.

One of the recommendations at Fifty Fifty is to come up with majors and minors (i.e. follow the work of a specific director, actor, or writer; read books set in a certain country or written in a certain time period, etc) or other thematic lists to guide your reading and watching. Aside from having a to-read list, I can’t really plan exactly what I’ll read because I am so moody about it, but I have some general ideas that I’ll work on making more specific as the year goes on.

Books for school won’t count towards this total. Also, per the rules of the game, rereads and re-watches don’t count.

In books:

  • Read books from different areas of the world, both in translation or written originally in English.
  • Read one book in Spanish. Because I can, so I should. Or I’ll forget how to speak it.
  • Read more speculative fiction.
  • Read some of the more “difficult” or “boring” or “classic” books that I’ve been meaning to have read, but never seem to actually read.
  • Read more history, biographies, and memoirs.
  • In films:

  • Watch documentaries.
  • Watch more indies, both in theatres and thanks to
  • Watch foreign films, especially in languages I’m learning.
  • Choose films based more on director and screenwriter, rather than actor.
  • Watch films that you could call “speculative fiction,” if more people knew that was something you could apply to film.
  • I’ll keep track periodically, in list form and in blog posts. And on my twitter! Because I have a domain and a twitter now. Before I know it I’ll be buying smartphones and tumblring. Nah.


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