as my first year of grad school comes to an end…

I consider the fact that, if I’m planning on taking a full load of courses each summer and graduating in August of 2013, my first year of grad school won’t actually be over until July 31st, when I have my last class until after Labor Day. But I’ll write this anyway.

I don’t want to do a sappy post of realizations and accomplishments and failures, so I’ll instead post some lists. I love lists. I have always loved making lists.

The first list: Words I have had to teach my computer this year so as to get rid of the annoying red squiggly underline

  • Metafiction
  • Metafictive
  • Picturebook (one word)
  • Historiographic
  • Paratext
  • Narratology
  • Waterstained

List two: Experiences in which I used my LIS skills in ways I had never considered/tried before

    • Going to New York City twice to look at the archives at the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture (part of NYPL) in Harlem, all in the pursuit of research for my novel and inadvertently also teaching me how to use archives as well as making me consider the ethics of library culture, and how archive use, while technically available to anyone (at least in a public library system) is rather discriminatory and unwelcoming.
    • Wrote a paper for class on a missed opportunity for librarians to do outreach and create partnerships with other entities and am going to continue reading and researching and eventually turn it into a publishable paper.
    • Started writing for the YALSA blog despite the fact that I have never worked in a library. Founded a research column in which I round up interesting scholarly articles that either already have relevance to libraries or that could be applied to library science and services.

List three: Podcasts I started listening to this year and why

      • Mixed Chicks Chat: After I read Heidi W. Durrow’s novel, The Girl Who Fell From the Sky, I found out about this podcast that she co-founded with two other mixees. I never thought I was much of a fan of podcasts, but this one has slowly grown on me and made me feel like I have more of a community that shares my experience, even if I don’t know them. A lot of the time I listen to this and then end up musing about my own experiences or my writing more than listening, but that’s good, too.
      • Studio 360: I can’t believe it took me so many years to know this NPR show existed! When I was home for winter break I heard it in the car with my mother and immediately had to download. It’s like a much better version of what I try to do with this blog–namely, talk about all forms of media and pop culture in an intelligent but also fun and personally relevant way. ❤
      • NPR’s Tiny Desk Concerts: so many of my favorite musicians end up on this podcast, which videotapes them doing short acoustic sets in the tiniest room for a concert ever. Highlights: K’Naan, Stars, First Aid Kit, the Cranberries.
      • The Splendid Table: this obsession is only a couple weeks old, but considering how obsessed I am with food media lately, it seemed like a necessary addition to my collection.

List four: Bad habits I have combated

      • Having multiple jobs: I only have one! For, like, seven hours a week! And it means I actually get homework done, sometimes do volunteer work, and otherwise am much more sane than ever before!
      • Reading too much fiction: I am almost bored with fiction now that I know how entertaining chefs can be and how simple neuroscience can be to understand when a scientist with actual writing skills tells you about it.
      • Always being on the computer: I kind of hate being online now, to be honest, and unless I’m really into a bunch of reading or television show watching, I’d rather be reading, exercising, or timing myself to see how quickly I can get through a deck of Set (about 13 minutes now….taking recommendations for similar games I should be playing with myself to keep my brain plastic and away from words and computers and books).
      • Being messy: okay, this is a work in progress. But I really am making strides to reduce clutter, and I’m much better at being decently neat most days of the week, at least.

Okay, a little boring except the first list. Blame it on my brain being fried, from continuing vertigo/inner ear issues+general grad schoolness. But seriously, having my brain fried because of school is something I have been desiring since I was 10, probably. Hurrah for finally achieving my dreams of being bogged down and significantly challenged but engaged with schoolwork!


3 thoughts on “as my first year of grad school comes to an end…

  1. Ah! Teaching word to speak academicese! My latest hurdle is with iphone. Iphone thinks it knows more about language than I do, in at least 3 languages! Frustrating!

    • Ha. I’m still a Luddite with a regular phone, but it annoys me to no end that when I want to teach T9 a new word, it requires it to start with a capital letter. I hate it when computers think they’re smarter than we are. And hi!

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