accomplished and lazy

I feel incredibly accomplished today, and yet I’m not tired, I haven’t left my apartment except to cross the street in the rain and realize there was no way I was going to try and catch the train in that weather, and I haven’t worked out in a million years.

Funny how that works. For one thing, it is so hot in my apartment that if I leave the five square feet where my fan happens to be blowing, I immediately start sweating, so I think I’m probably burning calories and losing weight just by occasionally going to the bathroom or daring to sit at my kitchen table when I eat. Also, it’s too hot to eat, for the most part, so I mostly subsist on water and popsicles. And atomic fireballs. Lately, I’m really, really into atomic fireballs. I forgot how amazing they are. Thank you, Switching Well, for reminding me.

But I’m also really accomplished. There’s something about being so bored and aimless and hot that gets you to work hard, I guess. I did a huge homework project today and enjoyed it and did it well and did it without distracting myself with other stupid stuff, and I think it came out amazingly. I also did some reading for future classes. I worked on a blog post for my internship and also planned some future blog posts for various places. I also had a long, productive telephone meeting with other officers for PLG and got started on some work for the coming school year. I also talked on the phone with other people for pleasure, and that was awesome and also I consider it productive, because I am not very good at remembering to maintain my relationships with people over the telephone, and yet it’s a good thing to do. AND while I didn’t work out, I have actually been sitting at my desk to do a lot of my work, which means that a) it’s not totally a mess, and b) I’m working my abs, because I don’t own a desk chair, just a balance ball, which means any time you sit on it, you’re improving your posture.

The only humans I physically interacted with today were 1. FedEx delivery guy, 2. UPS delivery guy who was like, “Oh, it’s you. Nothing for you today, but thanks for holding the door open,” and I wondered if that meant I do too much shopping if my UPS guy knows who I am, 3. Downstairs neighbor who inexplicably has a baby now, even though I swear I never saw her pregnant, because she was leaving the apartment as I was signing for my FedEx and saying hi to UPS guy.

This is all my way of saying that I cannot tolerate being this hot. Lack of central air (or at least an a/c window unit) is a crime. It should not be exhausting for me to spend five minutes washing dishes in a room that only has the window open. I only have one more popsicle left, which means I seriously underestimated how long it would take me to go through a box of them (four days). Since I don’t really have much of an appetite in this heat for anything but cold salad greens and frozen fruit, I’m going to have to think of a way to make this a more financial sustainable and yet also decently healthy endeavor, because I’m tired of having to decide whether I want red #4 + cancer sugar or red #7 + diabetes syrup. But not so tired that I’m not going to go to the freezer right now and have another.


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