Tonight started the 826 Boston Write-a-thon, which I joined because I volunteer there, and also because I just need something to get me writing again. So I’m taking pledges, because non-profits majorly need our help, and also because if I raise lots of money, I have a chance to meet Dave Eggers.

So I don’t do stuff like this, mostly because most -athons are based on running, and I can’t do that. Also, though, I really dislike being the center of attention for things that aren’t me knowing my shit. By that I mean that I love making presentations or speaking up in class, because I know what I’m doing has value, but I hate celebrating my birthday (though I love presents, and it’s tomorrow, so making a donation to 826 Boston in honor of my birthday would be cool of you–maybe you could donate $24 because I’m turning 24), and I don’t like the idea of having a wedding.

I think write-a-thon is an especially interesting way to use the suffix “athon,” and I’m inordinately excited that I found that entry in the OED, because ideally, participating in this write-a-thon will be a way to get me to jumpstart my new draft of my novel and to outline another one, not to just get me to write a bunch of shit and then go back to my lazy life. So even though I don’t like the definition so much, and I really hate asking for money, I just really need something to keep me accountable, and I also really, really believe in 826 (National).

Anyway, it would be great if I could use the write-a-thon and this blog as a way to keep myself doubly motivated and inspired. Your words of encouragement are appreciated, and if you can afford to make a tax-deductible donation and are willing to do so, that’s amazing of you.


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