fashion: bad at doing it, good at loving it – part zero

It hits me that not only is this another new school year, but it’s my last school year – period – in the foreseeable future. Next September I will (GAWD, I hope) be a working stiff with a salary and benefits, not an hourly rate and a tendency to sit around at home in pajamas until 4pm.

Since this beginning of the school year also coincides with my birthday and Rosh Hashanah, I usually write a new creed, make some resolutions, and then call it a day. But I’m kind of done with that. And given that I now have a semi-professional internship and I’m making strides towards having a career next, not just a job, I’ve been thinking lately that it’s high time I take time to learn more about, experiment with, and get better at beauty and fashion.

So I’ll be doing a miniseries of posts on that very thing throughout September and October (but I’ll still be doing regular posts, too). I don’t want to get into a big discussion of feminism or beauty ideals or how women are forced into being obsessed with fashion, because I’m assuming that not only do you know all of that, but you also know that I know all of that. Suffice to say that yes, it’s stupid that we’re all so obsessed, but there’s also nothing wrong with taking care of your appearance and feeling like you look pretty, and no matter how much thou doth protest, your appearance is still going to affect how you are treated and perceived in the world, so you may as well make the best of it while still sticking it to the Man whenever possible. Anyway, when relevant, I’ll probably bring that stuff up in actual posts.

Posts and topics to look forward to:

  • Fashion television, namely Project Runway and America’s Next Top Model, probably with highly scientific analyses of representations of PoC, detailed breakdowns of “designing for real women” and “fiercely real” episodes of said shows, and general ranting and raving
  • My own fashion designs (!) from the “catalogs” and drawings I made in middle school (turns out I still want to wear a lot of this stuff)
  • Fashion book reviews/analyses
  • Misadventures in makeup, maybe even with photos and/or video
  • Reviews and discussions of beauty-, fashion-, and body image-related blogs and other media
  • Maybe some surprises? Oooooh….

Suggestions, comments, and questions welcomed, of course. I’ll be linking to all past posts in the series so you can find them, but I also devised this highly clever and unique tag, “the good, the bad, the fashion,” for you to use if you want to find all of my insanely insightful and astute posts. Or you can look on the page (to the right) “special features.”


5 thoughts on “fashion: bad at doing it, good at loving it – part zero

    • Aww, thanks. I’ll have to get a friend to be a paparazzo for me if I really want to show things with pictures, not just words, like I usually do. That won’t be awkward at all. haha.

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