ya highway road trip wednesday: fall

Waiting to be written...

Waiting to be written… (Photo credit: smoorenburg)

This is my second-ever-in-life autumn, and it’s already wonderful. The Tucson desert has its own charm, to be sure, but experiencing autumn has probably been the best part about relocating to Boston. Fall is so cool, you guys! It’s also a little frustrating and can’t make up its mind, but that seems to be part of its charm.

Also, like I think I’ve probably noted before, all of the magazines I’ve read my entire life that talk about things like “sweater weather” and “layering” make sense now, and I am celebrating my new understanding by buying blazers, oversize cardigans, and other things that will keep me warmish without overheating. I love it. Even with my little fashion savvy, I always thought my style was more suited to autumn and spring weather than winter and summer, which are the only two seasons we have in Tucson (though nothing beats Tucson monsoons or those few summer nights when it’s breezy instead of still hot). I like sundresses and long skirts in the spring, and I absolutely adore that they now make skinnyish jeans that look attractive on my body type for fall. Also, hi, boots. Boots are my favorite. My feet hurt in just about every kind of shoe because they’re so arch-less, but boots are my besties. Never met a pair I didn’t like.

coffee and tee

coffee and tea (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

One thing I’m noticing is that my favorite thing about this time of year is fast becoming the way I can sit in my apartment, which is slightly chilled even though it has no ventilation system and ostensibly is built with walls and closed windows to keep warm, and be cozy, with a cup of tea, one of my new sweaters, or with a blanket or bathrobe wrapped around me. That, plus my lack of desk chair (instead I use an exercise ball) make me want to write. There’s something about feeling wrapped up that makes it feel safe and nurturing, like writing will make you warmer.

I think it’s also that I feel like I look like a writer when I do that, even though that’s silly and there’s no one way for a writer to look.

It might just be that it’s still such a new experience that, like traveling, it clears my brain and makes me want to concentrate and be creative. If that’s the case, living here much longer might make that go away, so I should run with it while I can.

This is a YA Highway carnival post, so you should go to their blog and read other people’s responses to the question “How does your writing (place, time, inspiration, etc) change with the seasons?”


5 thoughts on “ya highway road trip wednesday: fall

  1. Writing in the winter involves a lot more bundling up around here, but it’s still doable. I prefer writing in the summer because the days are so much longer and therefore much more productive. The tricky thing for me is writing a summer story when it’s grey and snowy here. 🙂

    • ahh. I think because I grew up in a place that summer lasted from May to October and the days weren’t really days so much as 100+-degree things to endure, that doesn’t really do it for me. And because I’m definitely one of those writers who likes to be depressed haha. But if we gave each other some of our productivity, we might have a good thing going.

  2. And here I was thinking I needed a new desk chair because the arm was falling off! 🙂

    I have a friend from Arizona who likes traveling east this time of year–it gives him a chance to wear sweaters and jackets! I can’t comprehend it being either too warm or too cold for just a jacket.

    • haha never! You just buy a $10 bouncy ball and watch your posture get better and your abs get harder. lol. And it’s okay; you can’t comprehend that (when I think of wearing jackets as minimally useful), but I can’t comprehend how negative temperatures work.

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