i just realized that pinterest could actually be good for something

English: Red Pinterest logo

English: Red Pinterest logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So I was required to join Pinterest for a class project, and I hated it pretty instantly. I didn’t realize that when you chose what you were interested in, it made you follow those people instead of just recommending them or using them as an algorithm to provide recs later. And they make it really, really hard to unfollow people. So that sucks, because my apartment might be cluttered beyond belief, but I like my Internet nice and clean and streamlined. I also didn’t think I would find it useful because I generally save things that are words, not images. Pinterest seems to be the domain of mommy bloggers, brides to be, Pinnercisers (i.e. people who pin exercise tips and probably do not exercise), and foodies, and while I like some of those things, I am more of a reader, so if I bookmark something, it’s probably a long essay that analyzes a book or something.

But I recently started reading my favorite food blogs again, and then when I was working on my Pinterest assignment yesterday, I went to read some of them and they killed my computer. Food photos might be pretty, but if your blog design is endless scroll, you are ruining my life. So, food blogs, I am breaking up with you. And if you don’t have a Pinterest account, we’ll never run into each other again. Because it’s so much easier to just look at a title and small photo and decide right then if it’s worth clicking on.

You no longer have me because I’m poor and I can’t afford a new computer. That’s basically the gist of it. I can only do so much to help my RAM along, and your gigantic photographs and excessive sidebar banners give me the Spinning Pinwheel of Death. You no longer have me because some of you are amazing at cooking and photography but not so great at writing (sorry; many of you are awesome, like the ones I’ve bookmarked, but others are only worth the recipes). You no longer have me because I just reorganized my kitchen and gave all of my cookbooks and food memoirs a place of honor on one of the shelves, so I feel bad when I pass them by. You no longer have me because the Internet is a vast, vast place, and Pinterest does actually help keep it together.

So I’m a Pinterest girl now. We’ll see how long it lasts, and quite frankly I don’t care so much about the interactions or Klout of it all, just my personal saving of pretty things, but who knows where it’ll go. So if you are also a Pinterest kinda gal or guy, here you are:

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