the truth is

All I write about in my journal is how I miss music, I want to be writing, I love to read, I’m almost ready to write again, I have a great idea for a new writing project, and on and on and on. It’s all true. I would love to have my hands on a baby grand, or even just a good upright, again. I do have good ideas for things to write; I just do better at planning and editing than the part in between.

But NaNo is dumb because it’s during November, and that’s sweeps. WHY WOULD I DO ANYTHING BUT TELEVISION AND END-OF-SEMESTER ACADEMIC THINGS DURING NOVEMBER. But now it’s December, and school is over and I didn’t suck at it, and now I want to do things. New things, of course, but things. But to do them, I have to assign myself research and inspiration pinboards and planning and stuff, and that’s how I always roll.

But really, I think I’m much less of a creator-type person than I think I am. I like to bask.

I don’t compose; I harmonize or I do figured bass worksheets. I don’t write; I research and outline and plan. I think about ideas and connect them. I don’t do things with them. I just like them. Bathing in ideas and creative things makes me happy.


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