I’m trying this thing where I talk less. Actually, where I do lots of things less, like eat and drink and spend money, but the point here is that I’m trying to talk less, especially the blathering variety.

It’s hard. It’s always been hard for me not to talk, even when doing so makes me feel uncomfortable and embarrassed, and even when I spent my entire life being laughed at or made fun of or disliked for it. For someone who’s shy, I do a lot of seemingly outgoing things, but it’s generally an effort to hide something or to appear confident when I’m not.

Anyway. So I’m trying not to just say word vomit, and that means also trying not to just post here to post.

That’s kind of why I’m starting to like Tumblr, since the whole point is to be pithy, but unlike Twitter, you don’t have to be funny.


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