arroz con leche for one on a snowy morning

DSCN1255I survived my first blizzard. Apparently blizzards are not the scary thing I learned about in The Long Winter; rather, they’re nice, long days of continuous snowfall that is quiet and pretty. I went out yesterday and played (by which I mean walked around with everyone else, as we were able to walk down generally busy streets, not using the sidewalks and roaming and trudging), and it was great. So this morning I decided to make something cozy for breakfast, so I looked up a bunch of recipes and combined them with no real logic to make one person’s serving of arroz con leche.

In all honesty, it probably should have been two servings. I didn’t exactly feel amazing afterwards. But it’s hard to make small amounts of food and not burn it. So I invented this version of arroz con leche, dairy-free, with a little bit of added protein so that it would feel like a “balanced” meal. Considering I mostly made it up, I think it was rather successful.

DSCN1265So. You need half a cup of arborio rice and a cup and a half of water. Set to boiling and cooking like normal rice, but don’t fret when it’s still a little hard and the water’s gone. If you like the taste of cloves and you have whole ones, boil them in there too, to infuse the flavor, and then take them out when the water is gone. Then remove the rice into a bowl, and pour 1 cup and a splash more of almond milk into the pot. I used unsweetened vanilla milk from Trader Joe’s. Bring it to a boil, along with some cinnamon (however much you like; I didn’t measure, but it was probably a teaspoon), a couple tablespoons of sugar (or less, if you use the 3:1 ratio of stevia to sugar that I use), a splash of vanilla (more if you have unflavored milk), and some freshly grated nutmeg. Throw in raisins if you like them. Once it boils, put the rice back in and lower the heat. Prepare one egg yolk and beat it slightly, then set aside.

Keep stirring the rice. It should take 10-15 minutes for it to boil down the majority of the milk. When the milk is nearly gone, turn off the heat and add the egg, plus a tiny bit of butter. Mix, and the latent heat from the rice will cook the egg and melt the butter. Throw it in a bowl, add some more cinnamon on top, and sit down to eat. I paired it with Harney & Sons Hot Cinnamon Sunset tea, because that just seemed appropriate. (That is really not meant to sound like a commercial; it’s just incredibly delicious tea.)



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