some plans to continue things

I am super excited to be done with graduate school. I think that means that I will come home from school (where I will be working) every day, and then it will be my afternoon and evening to do with what I will. That’s really cool. Technically I took eight months off between undergrad and graduate school, but I was applying for scholarships and working multiple jobs, so that’s still different from spending 40 hours a week in the same place and then going home and having complete ME TIME.

That’s awesome. It’s also terrifying and confusing, because I only know how to be in school. So I’m already giving myself projects, because it’s not enough to say I’m going to write my novel. I will only write my novel if I also have other structured things to do.

So, to that end, I have already contacted a relative who is a Grammy-nominated musician, and he’s going to give me guitar lessons. I really miss the piano, but I own a guitar and can’t afford a nice keyboard, and guitars are portable.

I’m going to do a Jessica Darling reread, because I’ve been meaning to for a few years, and because this.

Then there are three critical reading projects I want to look into doing so that I can maybe write some more articles for peer-reviewed journals. Not that I actually know anything about this, being a newb, but it’s probably totally unrealistic to suggest that I can do three of these in a year (I’m thinking that all of these projects begin in 2014, because guitar, writing, Jessica Darling, and moving are enough for the rest of the year with all the other stuff already on my plate). But that’s me, so I’m going to pretend like it’s possible and go for it.

I need help with these three things, so if you know of titles I should be looking at, please shoot me an email or a tweet or a comment and let me know.

The place where I no longer officially work as of July 10, the Center on Media and Child Health, has gotten me really interested in media addiction, since that’s one of the major things we study there. So I’m going to look into YA about media addiction, which starts with Very LeFreak, obviously, but will also need to span more than the one title. So if you know of realism titles that deal with this, please tell me, because I only know of a couple more possibilities. But I’d love to couple that with all of the medical stuff I’ve gotten to learn as a result of accidentally being a medical librarian.

And then there’s the biracial narratives stuff, which started as my blog, ended up a conference presentation and journal article, and spun into blog posts for other people (have I mentioned THANK YOU for thinking I am cool enough to write blogs for you, other people?). Apparently people think I know a lot about this stuff, and so do I, but it’s not enough. So I need to dive back into my spreadsheet and also expand it, and I want to do two more things.

First, being biracial in SFF. There is so much to unpack here, like the general lack of PoC representation in the genre/subgenres, but more interestingly, whether or not “half blood” characters, like witch/mortal, werewolf, angel/demon, etc, can be acceptable metaphors for the actual bi/multiracial experience or whether they problematize it even more. I have no idea where to begin, but I think this will be overwhelming too much fascinating to look at.

Second, I am still really interested in New Adult. I haven’t really read the stuff currently marketed as it, because it doesn’t really look my style (and I mean totally just the stuff that’s e-book-only and on Amazon, and I am psyched that it exists; it’s just not really my favorite genre), but I am still holding fast to the idea that it could also just mean encouraging people to publish stories about people in between high school and middle age. To that end, I am taking the idea of New Adult as a category (like YA) instead of a genre (like it’s being marketed as a romance/chick lit hybrid) and looking at titles that fit that and also deal with being biracial. That means I’ll be taking a second look at Oreo, Caucasia and The Girl Who Fell from the Sky. And then I’ll need some new titles. I have noticed that perhaps Kiss & Tell: A Romantic Resume, Ages 0 to 22 will be relevant, but then I’m stuck, and I soon will lack access to the greatest readers’ advisory tool ever because I won’t be a student anymore.

So. Please suggest things to me so that I can try to be awesome and scholarly even though I’m finally about to be a big person!


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