intuition – series over trilogy

Last year I reviewed the book Transcendence by C.J. Omololu. This year, the publisher was nice enough to give me the e-ARC of the sequel, Intuition, and I am terrible and never reviewed it after I read it. I’m sorry.

Intuition is a satisfying sequel, if only because it doesn’t read like the usual sequels in YA SFF. It seems more like a series book, and I like that, because I’m getting tired of planned trilogies, but I like watching TV, and this book reads like another cool episode of a show that I like. I have no idea if there are any more books in this series planned, and I can’t find any indications that it is through my excellent Internet skills, so I could be pulling this out of my ass, but I love the idea of it being a series, because it appeals to me in the same way that Meg-Cabot-as-Jenny-Carroll’s two series (The Mediator and 1-800-Where-R-You) did when I was in middle school.

I don’t like rehashing plot because you can get that anywhere, so suffice to say that it picks up where the first book left off but does so in a way that tells you that if you haven’t read it, you probably want to, but also, you can just read this book and enjoy. The romance is a little more melodramatic than the dramatic way it happened in the first book, with really complicated notions of teen first love coupled with memories of past adult lives and more serious relationships, but it’s still pretty cool, with great Bay Area settings, like loft apartment parties.

Don’t you just miss series, as opposed to trilogies/duologies? You don’t, because you watch TV. But don’t you miss those paperback series books you devoured when you were reading middle grade and moving into younger YA and tween stuff? The whole concept of being Akhet – being able to recall past lives and to recognize other people who can as well – translates well into a recurring, episodic series with some overarching mystery, which is, you know, exactly what TV series do now. I want this to be a series. Not a trilogy. But regardless of whether there are future plans for more books (I’ll develop this into a series when I’m working in Hollywood in a couple years), Intuition is a good read. That is all.


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