what type of blogger are you? -from my kidlitcon presentation

At one of my sessions at KidLitCon, I talked about what bloggers can do specifically to help with the diversity cause as book bloggers. I say “specifically” because that’s what’s often missing from the conversation, and I say “as book bloggers” because I looked at most of the blogs of most of the KidLitCon attendees and realized that for the most part, they fell into one of three types of bloggers: Jack/Jill of All Trades, Greeter, or Analyst. I made these terms up and their profiles, and I’m still not sure whether I’m Jill or an Analyst or somewhere in between, though I’m definitely not a Greeter.

But you may be! And since my Google Slides thing was mad ugly and put together in a flash, I went and made a shmancy “infographic” (my coworker would object to the term because I don’t actually use images to convey data or information; I just used Pictochart to make a thing that was cute – and I’m really not a graphic designer, as you can see) that you can now download and/or share (so long as you link back RIGHT HERE and don’t modify it, though I certainly encourage you to continue the conversation, offer your suggestions for a rewrite, or suggest other book blogger types) with your friends. I’m pretty proud of myself, and I hope you find these suggestions useful or the types illuminating or thought-provoking. Just click to see the graphic. I’ll throw it on my resources page, too.

What Type of Book Blogger Are You-


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