the best stuff of last year for you to try this year: skin

retrolady3I guess I’m sometimes into memes, but I also dropped the ball (no, not really) because I was too busy enjoying my actual real vacation that lasted more than three days, so I’m not putting this out until January, instead of all the other folks who do this at the end of the year. Anyway, I am not a wealthy person, nor am I generally speaking a person who does gifts for the holidays. But I do like gifting things to people I love when I think it’s something they will love, so this is my virtual basket of gifts for my favorite people.

So. The Best Stuff of Last Year for You to Try This Year: Skin Edition.

This was the year I finally learned how to find the right makeup for my face, how to look at my face to see where I actually need makeup (I’m old now, and my “perfect” skin is in fact not perfect without a little help), and how to consistently put it on every day. Huge! Here are the things that make my world go round.

  • superdefenseClinique Superdefense: This is the best thing every year, because I’ve been putting it on my face daily for about a decade now, and it’s probably the reason (plus a little boost from the genetic lottery; I won’t pretend otherwise; I am very lucky) I get the compliments I do on my face. This is wonderful and genius, and throughout different points in my life and climates I’ve lived in, I’ve gone for the combination oily or the dry skin formulations, and both are wonderful. It’s the best moisturizer in the world, for face and neck. Get on it. Now. Department stores, internet, or Sephora. It’s the most expensive single product I ever buy for myself that isn’t, you know, like electronics or something, and it’s utterly worth it, because that $47 lasts at least six months, plus you should only ever be buying skin and hair and beauty products when there are free sample promotions anyway, DUH.
  • Marcelle BB ConcealerMarcelle BB Concealer: I work two jobs and am going through a phase in my life where I don’t sleep all that well, so my undereyes are pretty horrific to behold. I put A LOT of stuff, like eye rollers and a gel mask and caffeine cream, on them. But my final and probably best step is this concealer that I bought by chance in order to get free shipping, I think (this is how I end up with probably most of my beauty products – combining coupons with free samples with sales with points with free shipping to get about $200 worth of stuff for $80). It’s amazing. You just click and roll on and then rub in and you look like a human again! You can only buy it through Birchbox, I think, but you should join Birchbox, at least for a time, because it will give you lots of wonderful things.


  • emu-179x300Emu Oil: I don’t want you to think too hard about this one. But you should try it. If you know me in person, you know I have this thing where I itch all the time, and I especially have a tic about scratching my arms. While a good half of it is probably psychological, the other half is that I have some kind of skin allergy that I’m still figuring out, and I’ve tried a billion products, including a clinical trial for a drug that probably caused my sleeping problems, and this one is my favorite so far. My mom bought it for me at the farmer’s market in Tucson, but if you don’t live in Arizona, you can get it online. It’s massively expensive but will probably last me six months, because two drops will cover all of your arms out of the shower, and then you put a good lotion or cream over it and you don’t itch all day. Winning!

Single most exciting skin thing upcoming for 2015: I am very excited to learn that being a Beauty Insider at Sephora means you can go to beauty “classes.” I am dying to learn how eyeshadow works, because I don’t fucking get it. Also, I will be drinking more water. Always.


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