chart illustrating how the computer programming field is male-centric, overwhelmingly white, and completely lacking in basic liberal arts education


Can you say microaggression? This list comprises just some of the words I’ve had to teach my phone and which my computer also red-underlines. No, of course a programmer or a program cannot possibly know all words ever and of course, language evolves all the time. But just as Pacemakers are designed for men’s bodies and work less effectively on women, just as women are cold in office buildings because average a/c temps are based on calculations of average male bodies, just as hair products come in “curly” and “normal,” just as “normal” is one thing and “other” is a bazillion other things, the lack of sociological and social justice terms, as well as the lack of ethnically specific (BUT STILL ENGLISH, mind you, none of those “but it’s an English dictionary” arguments here) absolutely normal and everyday words says A LOT.


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