cool things again!

More cool things in my life! It’s early, but 2016 seems to have less suckage attached to it than 2015.

Today The Establishment had a moment of weakness and bafflingly decided to run my essay on why my Birthright Israel experience was terrible. That is so cool of them! And thanks to everyone for their wonderful responses.

My consulting business is starting to take off, so if you’re interested, check out my page here. One gig that’s not confidential is that I’ll be helping the gifted and talented department of the local school district here put together their Spanish-language literacy boxes for elementary schools!


Also, in the spirit of trying new things, I’ve become the person you hate, but I really hope you don’t hate me, because I wouldn’t do this if I didn’t care. I’ve joined Nerium International and am now your one-stop shop for skincare! Forgive me, but I’m lucky enough to have decent skin, and if you’ve spent five minutes with me, you know how vain I am about maintaining it. But now after being a product whore for ages, I can tell you that this is all I need, plus a little facewash and cold cream. Also, I don’t believe in supplements, but these definitely got me away from my second daily dose of caffeine, and now I’m back to one. So if you care to take a look, here is the thing I’m doing. You know it’s legit and quality, because we only sell four products. That’s it. There’s no need for other stuff. I’ll have a better blog post with photos and stuff soon, but here’s the link to the storefront if you want to try it out. (30 days trial or your money back! #sorry #donthateme)


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