Hi. I’m Hannah.

I’m a bit of a kvetch and have a potty mouth, but I have a point to make, and I do it with real arguments and education and knowledge, plus opinions. I like to think that I am the Heather Mooney of blogging about kidlit, YA, diversity, and sex positivity, plus probably other stuff, because I like to think highly of myself and because Heather Mooney keeps it real when other people are delusional or in the clouds and because Heather Mooney is the best and because Heather Mooney says “shit” a lot. When not engaged in my main passion of literature, I also love television, movies, indoor cycling, potatoes, and fashion.

I would love to hear from you if you think that maybe I should write something for your publication, because I like doing that. Click on “my writing elsewhere” to see where else I appear on the Interwebs.

I tend to write in a way that assumes you already know of my background and my interests, so you might have to read back into the archives to get what I’m talking about sometimes. I also write in a way that assumes you have a lot of knowledge regarding the vocabulary and accepted truths and phenomena in the fields of critical race studies and sociology and that I don’t have to explain the basics every time.

You’re welcome to find me on LinkedIn, to follow me on Twitter, and to email me, but please understand that while I am a product of everything I am involved in, this blog and all of its content represent my opinions and experiences at this point in my life when I am writing, and they have no affiliation with any of the professional organizations, businesses, or individuals with or for whom I work. This is far too personal and too informal to be anything but a public-facing space for personal creative and intellectual expression.

Thank you for visiting. Please let me know what you think.

This is me making a silly face.
Photographer: Clinton Blackburn

Sarah Hannah “McLicious” Gómez
MA Children’s Literature
MS Library & Information Science
BA Creative Writing, Music, Spanish

Writing is time-consuming, and educating people on issues of privilege, racism, marginalization and equity is emotional work, too. I am low-income, working multiple jobs, and indebted to Sallie Mae for life. If you can and feel so inclined, I would be grateful for tips. All art is work. All education is work.
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